Ingrid de Vries

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Ingrid de Vries
Hi, I’m Ingrid de Vries and I am the initiator and coordinator of the HZ Green Office. In adition, i am a lecturer and researcher in circular economy and sustainability, running several local and European projects on this topic.

I think it’s very important that teachers and schools “walk the talk”; set the right example. The HZ Green Office offers a great opportunity to enhance sustainability at our University. We do this by: 1) organizing awareness events aiming to build a green culture 2) participating in events of our external local and global partners 3) helping the school to take measures to further green our school operationally 4) exploring more innovative solutions through research; our own school as a living lab for sustainability! Many of our projects do not take place in boring classrooms, but outside: in the open air. The HZ Green Office allows us to tackle our global sustainability challenges on a local scale; think global, act local!

Basically everyone can team up with the green office: whether you are a student, teacher, supporting staff or an external stakeholder. Join the Green Office and have fun whilst doing good!
Organisatie: HZ Green Office, HZ University of Applied Sciences
E-mail: mail me (
Telefoon: 0624601440
Thuispagina: HZ Green Office
Onderzoeksgroep (primair): Expertise en Valorisatie Management
Onderzoeksgroep (secundair):


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