HZ UAS participates with both research groups Resilient Deltas and Building with Nature the Interreg 2 Seas project Sustainable and Resilient Coastal Cities (SARCC). One of the aims of research group Resilient with Deltas is to conduct a Mindscape Evaluation of flood prone cities along the North Sea and the Channel. With this evaluation we aim to create an appropriate understanding of stakeholders' perceptions past, present and future meaning of the coast line and flood risks. Understanding mindscapes is important for the participatory process in the design and implementation phase. Mindscapes will be captured in narratives supported by maps.

We invite students of the Master River Delta Development to participate in a mindscape evaluation of flood resilient coastal cities. You will have the opportunity to map the interest of a high variety of stakeholders in coastal urban settings and advise how interventions can be designed and implemented for a transition towards flood resilient coastal cities, facing the challenges of sea level rise.