How to develop a living lab


  • Title: xxx
  • Goal of the project: xxx
  • Short description about the project (max. 10 sentences): xxx
  • Professorships and/or organizations involved: xxx

What's in it for minor participants?

  • Activities and design of the minor project: xxx
  • Results to be developed: xxx
  • Which skills* you can develop in this project: xxx
  • For which expertise / interest fields or study programs is this project suitable?: xxx
  • Knowledge and skills desired or required: xxx
  • How you will be supervised: A coach and the work field (organizations, professorships, etc.) will coach you and collaborate with you to developing the results and your professional skills required for this project.

Practical information

  • Start (date or semester) and duration of the project: xxx
  • Amount of participants: xxx
  • Language: xxx
  • Credits: 30 ECTS
  • Minimum grade: 5.5 (out of 10)
  • Sign up: HZ students: go to MyHZ > Minor choice / Minorkeuze (widget). External students: go to Kies op Maat >  select the minor of your choice.
  • Registration deadline: xxx
  • Contact: xxx

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Criteria (based on MRDD)

  • Assignments at master level
  • Linked with transitions / change processes
  • Willingness by partners for student participation / interventions
  • Assignments which match with project deliverables
  • Preferably long term projects
  • Relevant data in English
  • Transferability with other deltas

Further reading