GO-Fresh II

CLOSED FOR APPLICATIONS - In many parts of the South Western Delta, external freshwater supply is scarce. Freshwater availability in the root zone of these areas is dependent on excessive rainfall and groundwater availability. The areas are vulnerable in dry periods which will unfortunately only increase in the future. Pro-active measures are necessary in order to guarantee freshwater availability in these areas in dry periods. The aim of these measures is to store (excess) freshwater (in periods with heavy rainfall) in the soil, so that it can be used when needed, in dry periods. In the research project GO-FRESH I, three pilot experiments were carried out in different locations to increase the local freshwater availability. The experiments will be continued in GO-fresh II. The aim will be to investigate how the three experiments can be an example for broader use, so that the techniques may be interesting to other farmers as well. Things that should be incorporated are the business plans of the farmers, wishes of the farmers considering the available ‘fresh-making’ techniques and other opportunities of the techniques. In other words; social and economic factors / opportunities should be investigated. The results should be implemented in an interactive WIKI.

The reserach types included in the project are; interviews and computer research.

september 5, 2016
januari 31, 2017