Information service tool

An innovative, user-friendly information service (patient-care and employer) for people with cancer, employers, medical professionals and job coaches will be developed based on an online interactive tool. The service will contain 20 unique online story lines which will be adapted for each region (80 narratives in total). The perspective of the different user groups will be connected in the tool. These interactive narratives can be used as a portal to more detailed information about cancer and employment via a linked IT expertise system. The information service will be used by (newly) diagnosed people with cancer who are in employment and will also be open to employers as an e-learning package to create awareness in organisations. In addition, job coaches and medical professionals can find support about how to address issues raised by a cancer diagnosis through the narratives.

The content for the story lines will be gathered through interviews with the stakeholders. At the same time the technological setup will be prepared. The first fully working version of the online tool (prototype 4.0) will be tested through the living lab method (test in multiple real life situations) (see visualisation in the box with additional information). During the test researchers will collect feedback and data from end-users about their experience with the tool and will capture both outcomes and impact of using the tool. This data will be used to update and improve the tool continuously. We anticipate reaching test data maturity by the end of the testing prototype 5.0.

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