Movement and Sports


Project Startdatum Einddatum Samenvatting
Pilot 1 Pilot MobileMe Outdoors  1 januari 2017 31 maart 2020 Norfolk has established that service facilities like swimming pools and gym facilities in hotels along the Norfolk Coast Path receive significantly reduced use outside of the summer season. Over 65s are the most inactive group in Norfolk with 73% doing no sport per week, and 45% classified as ‘inactive’ (0 minutes of physical activity per week). Established latent demand for physical activity in this group. The pilot aims to combine both: increased use of facilities, more physical activity.
Pilot 2 Oostkapelle village in motion 1 januari 2017 31 maart 2020 Oostkapelle is a village in motion.
Pilot 3 Developing Vitality Boulevard 1 januari 2017 31 maart 2020 Dorp Cadzand (village) en Bad Cadzand (beach part) are about 2 km apart. The localpopulation lives mostly in the village part while second home owners and tourists stay mainly in the 'Bad' area. The idea is to better combine both areas, finding sustainable solutions that keep the elderly active and increase vitality, also tackling the problem of loneliness by looking at network solutions. Similar situations exist in several European coastal villages, hence the interest to develop this pilot.
Pilot 4 Move and se(a)- health improvement for moderate or not active elderly through increased movement and less sitting 1 januari 2017 31 maart 2020 A needs assessment in Oostende showed that at the age of 80 people reach a turning point in terms of mobility. Despite various mobility offers, there are no targeted actions for people aged 60 - ­80 looking at prevention, nor specific interventions for people aged 80+. Oostende aims to change this, while Westtoer will integrate a communication dimension: a new mobility concept will be set up that increases social participation in city life through better communication and mobility offers.
Pilot 5 trail on the Coast and Soft Gym- outdoor and indoor mobility 1 januari 2017 31 maart 2020 AFEJI looks at developing two complementary concepts to maintain the mobility of the elderly. For the summer season, the emphasis will be on an outdoor (trail) concept for elderly residents and visitors in the region while exploring possible links with local businesses. For the winter season, underused local facilities may be used for a soft gym concept. Both concepts will also have an emphasis on the involvement of caregivers.