Energy Transition

Energietransitie (bron: EnergieNext).
One of the biggest challenges this century is in curbing climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The transition from conventional to sustainable energy requires a large-scale change at system level, also called transition. Solutions to achieve an energy transition are complex and often location-specific. This requires a multidisciplinary approach. Another reason why the realization of these projects is complex because many stakeholders are involved. These projects have financial, social, technical and creative aspects. For example, a high windmill will have the best return, but will be less readily accepted by local residents. 

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Topics and projects

You learn more about

  • Transition from conventional to sustainable energy tackle climate change
  • Financial, social, technical and creative aspects
  • Complex and location-specific issues (multidisciplinary approach, many stakeholders involved)
  • Develop skills like change making and research capacity in a practically-orientated research project

Are you interested in working on and learning in these projects? You can do so by participating in the minor Becoming Fit for the Future (30 ECTS, September - January or February - June). Download the brochure (PDF).

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