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Student Garden

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This lovely community garden is from students, for students!

The garden is located at the APV Campus in Vlissingen. It offers a spacious social area with places to sit and a barbecue. On sunny days, students gather outside to enjoy snacks and drinks together in this common area. The green spaces offer them relaxation from the studies and a pleasant environment.

Juicy berries surround the various fruit trees that give organic pears and quinces. Finest quality cherry tomatoes and herbs spice up the garden, while colorful flowers naturally attract bees. Small bee hotels are providing a home to these vital insects. Water and nutrients are supplied thanks to a pond collecting rainwater from the rooftop. The natural live hedge, home to insects, birds, and hedgehogs, outlines the garden.

Join us in protecting our green paradise by removing all litter (especially the toxic cigarette butts) and by taking care of all the flowers, plants, and trees!

We organize regular Gardening sessions for maintenance. We also gather to catch up with each other and enjoy the sunshine!

Interested in joining? Contact us via Instagram DM or via email: greenoffice@hz.nl! Everyone is welcome. Join us in our garden activities and get HZ Personality credits!

Greening the outside spaces around HZ Vlissingen

Bloeiende bijenorchis die groeit bij de vijver op de HZ Vlissingen
On sunny days, when sitting outside at HZ Vlissingen you will quickly experience heat stress. A group of HZ students supported by some teachers and HZ staff are taking steps to transform concrete and tiles into green. We are planting trees to provide more shade. Also we are adding more biodiversity. We see the HZ as a living lab for sustainability: a place where we can learn and experiment.

Greening our school is combined with actions research. Students from the minor "Becoming fit for the Future", are working on greening our school, in collaboration with HZ Green Office, Facility Management, HZ Sport and HZ Nexus. Step by step we are transforming our campus in a place where we can relax, study and meet other students or colleagues outside.

A biobased pavilion was built by students from HZ and Avans engineering in collaboration with the centre of expertise Biobased Building. It’s placed for providing shade and to give visitors information about (mostly) locally sourced biobased building materials. The project builds upon the idea of the campus as a living lab for sustainability. The pavilion also features a green roof. Read about the Biobased Pavillion built by HZ and Avans students: Biobased Paviljoen op schoolplein HZ in Vlissingen

Food Forest at HZ Vlissingen

A food forest is an area where we planted multiple levels of plants that are all edible. It’s part of permaculture, which stands for a growing system that is both sustainable and self-sufficient – like a forest.

Work in progress

We installed water tanks to collect rain water.

Drawings for collecting rainwater




Project Startdatum Einddatum Samenvatting
Gardening Session with a special guest! 🐝 Gardening Session! Join us at the Student garden at Joost de Moorstraat 21. We will have a special guest speaker with an exciting talk about bees and a project of a bees hotel!
Student garden 1 september 2019 An edible and relaxing garden created by and for students.