Buitendijkse Maatregelen

HZ students working in the field at Knuitershoek, performing an ecological survey.

Within the Westernscheldt there is a need for nature compensation due to the dredging of the Scheldt. The Province of Zealand has decided to add natural value to the Baalhoek and Knuitershoek by creating low flow velocity areas. With the change in velocity, there will also be a change in sedimentation and erosion rates, creating new dynamics in the research area.

The project 'Buitendijkse Maatregelen' will be used as a monitoring program focusing on ecological changes and changes in the hydraulics. The main goal is to be able to supply the right stakeholders with spatial patterns based on morphological information (sediment height). From this information the projectteams can determine weather or not the desired sedimentation velocity is reached or it can make changes to reach this velocity. Within this research project the main questions we are trying to answer are:

  1. 'What is the sedimentation velocity in the project area and areas surrounding it?'
  2. 'What processes determine sedimentation velocity within these areas?'
  3. 'How can the sedimentation velocity be influenced, in case the current velocity does not comply with the desired conditions?'

Research type: field research, desk analysis, lab research

Location: Knuitershoek & Baalhoek, Zeeland

Contact: Tim van Ooijen