Building with Nature

Making use of natural processes for water safety.

Building with Nature is a coastal protection strategy in which innovative solutions are created in order to improve water safety, cost effectiveness and sustainability while combining these factors with the reinforcement with functions like nature and recreation. Building with Nature-solutions in terms of water safety orientate themselves on using natural materials like sand and silt. Living organisms, like vegetation and shellfish, are used for shore reinforcements, sedimentation and decreasing wave energy. This portion of Building with nature is categorized under the term Building with Living Nature.

Developing, researching and teaching on the topic of applicable solutions for the use and production of ecosystem services as a functional part of the wet infrastructure.
Making use of natural processes, not only to improve water safety, but also add natural value to the areas. This is done in cooperation with different local, regional, national and international partners. With this we hope to achieve the use of knowledge of scientific research into practical solutions, combine research and education and collaboration between national and international partners.
Joost Stronkhorst, Tjeerd Bouma
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Building with Nature



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