Poperinge (Belgium)

The Municipality of Poperinge is in Belgium’s West Flanders province. The administrative centre, the City of Poperinge, is central to the delivery of care for the elderly in housing, home care, residential care, financial support, advice, guidance, prevention of isolation etc. The local authority is interested in developing a service model that improves the wellbeing of local residents and strengthens social cohesion. We deliberately opt for a coherent and neighbourhood-orientated approach to living, care and wellbeing. De Bres, the local services centre, focuses on community building and the involvement of volunteers in the development of its community work. In the future, the local services centre will become even more public by manifesting itself as a mobile actor. More specifically, HAIRE will focus on villages surrounding Poperinge in Westhoek: Krombeke, Proven, Reningelst, Roesbrugge-Haringe and Watou. Overall, the region has 19,718 inhabitants, 4,436 (22.5%) are 65+ and 2,228 (11.3%) are 75+. OCMW Poperinge is a public center for social welfare and insures a number of social services, ensuring the wellbeing of every citizen.

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december 14, 2020
Poperinge, Belgium

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