Departement du Nord (France)

The Department du Nord is in the northeast of France (Hauts-de-France region). Nord faces the challenges of working in a large territory of 50 rural municipalities dominated by agriculture, 37 of which have fewer than 2000 inhabitants. Of the total population of 104,198, 23.7% are over the age of 60 and 8.59% are over the age of 75. These numbers are rising as the population ages. Le Nord will benefit from cross-border dialogue and learning about how to support the wellbeing of older people by recognising their potential and involving them in the design and delivery of services. The lack of public transport connections to part of the territory and the low density of traditional shops and crafts are at the heart of our concerns. Le Nord seeks to address the department’s problems around loneliness, isolation and rural service delivery through HAIRE.

Bezig met het laden van de kaart...

januari 1, 2020
Departement du Nord, France

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