Feock (UK)

The rural parish of Feock, in the UK’s most southwestern county of Cornwall, is located south of the small city of Truro and has several villages, and scattered hamlets. The parish population is 3,708, 1,907 (51.4%) of whom are 60+ and 672 (18.1%) 75+. Evidence gained in a current Parish Council/National Health Service (NHS) project has identified that older people facing illness affecting their mobility are very anxious about their future independence and isolation. Feock Parish Council will benefit from the tools co-produced in HAIRE, a greater understanding of community capacity, greater volunteering effort, the opportunity to promote intergenerational connections and address the redesign of service provision alongside older people.

Bezig met het laden van de kaart...

maart 10, 2021
Feock, United Kingdom

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