Pilot description

The Belgium pilot Geraardsbergen is located southwest of Ninove in the upper stream of the Dender. The Province of East-Flanders focuses on the most upstream zone of the Dender in a sub-municipality called Moerbeke-Viane.

Denderleeuw map.png
Figure 1: Map featuring the location of the FRAMES Belgian pilot areas, one of which is Geraardsbergen.

Size of the pilot area: a total area of 166 kmĀ² (sum of the 3 municipalities)

Number of inhabitants: total of 92.100 inhabitants

Type of area (rural or urban): a lot of residential area or urbanised zones within rural area, industrial- and retail areas, farmland, railways and roads

Relevant characteristics of the water system (main water bodies): From 13 to 104 m above sea level and the main water body is the Dender river (VMM, 2016).

Flood risks

  • Rainfall floods in Moerbeke-Viane and river floods in the centre of Geraardsbergen
  • Probability: the risk probability is considered medium
  • The Dender has naturally a quick hydrological response because the combination of a strong topography and the loam soils in the uphill zones. In case of intense rainfall, the river response is relatively quickly, increasing its level. Furthermore, the Dender Basin has been subject to land sealing through urbanization enhancing this process.
  • The last flood took place in 2016 and was caused by a heavy rainfall event.
  • Impacts: If a 100 year-flooding occurs the potential number of households affected would be 600.