TKI- Valorisation Wastewater Streams

CLOSED FOR APPLICATIONS - Water purification of wastewater streams in the food industry and horticulture (and down stream processing) ask continuously for new (technological) solutions. These solutions are not only about the prevention of waste (realization of 0-emission), but are also about the production of valuable resources from wastewater. The intention of the TKI program ‘Valorisatie Reststromen’ is to develop products and applications with technology suppliers on one side and end-users on the other side. The main question to that is: How can residues selectively be removed from wastewater and which value can be given to these retained resources and the cleaned water?

Partners in this project include; Coroos, Lamb Weston Meijer, Evides, VAM Watertech and HZ. When possible, pilot experiments will be done on the spot. The research topics within this project include: 1. Detection (and removal) of micro-organisms in recirculation water of food industry and removal of micro-pollutants, mainly plant protection products. (Level: Minor / Internship) 2. Reuse of brine from RO concentrate, with an initial focus on removal of micro-pollutants. (Level: Minor / Internship) 3. Optimizing phosphate recovery from water used in food processing. (Level: Minor / Internship / Graduation) Prerequisite: Interest in water quality analysis, microbiology or chemistry

september 5, 2016
januari 31, 2017



Project Startdatum Einddatum Samenvatting
TKI- Wetlands as pre-treatment for mild desalination 15 september 2019 15 juli 2021 The goal of this project is to investigate how a combination of constructed wetlands as a pre-treatment process and a desalination treatment train can help to remove micro-pollutants, nutrients and salinity.


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