Wellbeing and Food


Project Startdatum Einddatum Samenvatting
Pilot 10 Combatting loneliness 1 januari 2017 31 maart 2020 Many elderly people suffer from loneliness. Ostend and Westtoer identified two target groups that are particularly affected by this and where they are looking for new solutions: people aged 70­79 and people with second residencies in the area. The partners will look at how to find new methods to engage with the elderly (and elderly among each other), using especially improved communication tools and offering targeted leisure offers.
Pilot 6 Healthy Food Chain 1 januari 2017 31 maart 2020 Food is an essential element to contribute to the wellbeing of the elderly. One way of improving meals on wheels services by involving local restaurants into the concept has already been tried in Norfolk. Zeeland will look at trying to improve the quality of food consumed while at the same time providing local businesses with new opportunities, to also help to overcome the strong seasonal variations that restaurants have to grapple with and using the regional strategy for Zeeland as food region.
Pilot 7 Dementia Friendly Walking  3 oktober 2017 31 maart 2020 This pilot is addressing particular health issues within the wellbeing theme. People suffering from dementia are a particular target group with special needs. Taking into account the growing number of people suffering from dementia, Norfolk will look at how people can maintain an active lifestyle and contribute to their wellbeing.
Pilot 8 Animal Mediation 1 januari 2017 31 maart 2020 AFEJI will look at how animals can be incorporated in a wider care concept for elderly people. So far animals are used in care only in a domestic setting and often only when people are already not able anymore to leave their home or are confined to bed. It may be promising to use animals also in a preventive care concept. Leisure farms that are now mainly targeting children as well as normal farms may thus also extend their commercialand social activities.
Pilot 9 Seaside resort Domburg  1 januari 2017 31 maart 2020 As in many other seaside resort towns, the development of new products and services in Bath Domburg is predominantly focused on tourists, inhabitants are not sufficiently involved. This pilot looks at how better products and services can be developed both for people living here and having their second home here, also taking advantage of offers that are already in place for tourists. The pilot puts an emphasis on the active involvement of the locals, also to foster the concept of active ownership.