How did the project team, other organisations and your participants react to the project? What was the level of involvement/commitment for each group? Evidence could include: participant observation at initial project meetings and qualitative interview`s with participants and project staff in this evaluation phase.

Teasor or introductory sessions

Did you offer taster sessions or introductory sessions on your project? Do you think this influenced uptake on your project?


What was the demand for your project? Evidence would include: numbers of attendees, indication of any particular activities that were either more or less popular with participants. Also record instances of higher/lower demand for resources offered.

Implementation/Practicality/Organisational/Financial Feasibility

Were the projects fully implemented as  planned and proposed in relation to resources (including people), time commitment and finance?

Additional assets and resources

Did you need any additional assets or resources including expertise to help you deliver your project?


Have you made any changes to your original plans, why did you make the change and what information did you base your new plans on? For instance any changes you made to the context, format, timing, setting or population.


Does this project work within the current local setting/structures? What was the level of change needed to integrate the new project into existing infrastructure or programs?


Has your project had any wider influence on other individuals, groups, organisations or the wider community? If so in what ways?


Did you feel there were particular barriers to delivering your project? For instance financial, resources, timing, lack of organisational support or other.


Did you feel there were particular enablers to delivering your project? For instance financial, resources, timing, strong organisational support or other.

Key stakeholders and relations

Were there key individuals (including participants) organisations or relationships who were central to your project, and in what way did this benefit your project?