Programma Delta Power

HZ University of Applied Sciences is the only university in the Netherlands based in the Delta Area. The Energy & Water research group is happy to make use of this location. The Delta Area is exceptionally well suited for carrying out research into power generation with the aid of tidal and wave energy. The scope of the research group is, however, wider. It includes renewable energy solutions (of which tidal and wave energy are two forms), energy buffering and the combined use of energy sources (smart grids). The research group is currently considering whether it is important to participate in the Small Ports Energy & Carbon Savings (SPECS) InterReg 2 Seas programme. Various knowledge institutions and English, French and Dutch municipal authorities are participating in this.

Topics and projects

You learn about and contribute to

  • Power generation based on tidal and wave energy
  • Develop skills like change making and research capacity in a practically-orientated research project

Would you like to work on these topics in a minor?

Are you interested in working on and learning in these projects? You can do so by participating in the minor Becoming Fit for the Future (30 ECTS, September - January or February - June). Download the brochure (PDF).

Participants allowed

Technical domain

  • Engineering
  • Energy & Process Technology

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  • For more information about Water and Energy get in touch with Jan Maas, researcher and project coach (