Resin Curing Time

Our varnish takes about 24 hours to be touch-dry, a week to be cured enough to walk on gently, a month to cure enough to use almost normally, and then continues to harden and cure over years. It requires a few months to resist dents from sharp points and scratches from wood. One of our biggest challenges is that we need to do significant repairs in the first month of the floor’s installation, because it is so susceptible in that time. We give our customers significant education about how to treat their floors in the early stages, including advising them to not sweep or mop them, but our customers lose confidence in the product when they hear this, and don’t like needing to be careful about sweeping and mopping it. We would also like to know whether old flax oil has any difference in performance than fresh flax oil. This project would entail trying to accelerate the curing time of our varnish through adding additional chemicals, experimenting with the base oil, or experimenting with our manufacturing process.