"We got to move" is written by Hans de Bruin, Petra de Braal, Gabriƫlle Rossing, Martien Luteijn, Daniƫlle Mostert-Al and Irene Fierloos. The ideas and concepts put forward in "We got to move" are based on years of experience gained in social innovation projects conducted by the research group Expertise & Valorization Management of HZ University of Applied Sciences (HZ-EVM) and Solidarity University (SU).

Contact person: Hans de Bruin


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Copyright Notices and Credits

The chapter Critical Systems Thinking is a slighty adapted and translated version of chapter 31 - Kritische systeemtheorie - taken from the book "Meer dan de som der delen (Brechtje Kessener en Leike van Oss, 1 januari 2019)".

The chapter Soft Systems Thinking - Soft Systems Methdology contains figures from the book "Learning for Action: A Short Definitive Account of Soft Systems Methodology and its use for Practitioners (Peter Checkland and John Poulter, 1 januari 2006)" reproduced with permission granted by John Wiliey and Sons Limited.

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