Water Technology

Water Technology

Being located in a delta region, HZ deals with the challenges of coastal deltaic systems and has a strong focus on water technology. Water technology related research concentrates specifically on water quality, water availability for production (industry, agriculture and aquaculture), water (re)use efficiency, recovery of resources and monitoring of water filtration systems. The Water Technology research group is acknowledged for its knowledge in the field, its independence and collaborative regional, national and international network. The technological research capabilities are enhanced with a strong expertise in defining and effectively addressing the needs of various stakeholders. By adding an in-depth perspective on stakeholders’ requirements early on in projects, the rate of adoption and the added value of new technology, may be increased significantly.

A regional robust freshwater supply requires a variety of measures, each geared to the immediate environment and associated conditions. The Water Technology research group works in parallel on different routes and therefore aims to combine efforts to arrive at an integrated concept, which can be implemented regionally.
Working towards a more sustainable regional supply of fresh water through the application of recovery, reuse and technological solutions.
Niels Groot, Hans Cappon
Emma McAteer
Water Technology



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