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Drinking water from purified wastewater? The restaurant Gust’eaux in Kuurne (Belgium) partnered with BOSAQ, Tuincreatie Igodt, Vlakwa and Ghent University to establish a world-first(!). The restaurant provided its visitors with high-quality drinking water, produced from their own wastewater using state-of-the-art technology.


London Heathrow Marriott

London Heathrow Marriott, a sustainability savvy premium airport hotel, were looking to replace their commercial washing machines and needed an eco-friendly solution. They decided on a Xeros-enabled washing machine which can reduce water use by up to 70%, energy by up to 50% and detergent by up to 50%.

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Design & construction of natural plant-based water purification systems. Wastewater treatment with reed beds: Reed beds or helophyte filters purify wastewater through an optimal combination of natural processes and intelligent techniques. Rietland has been designing and building helophyte filters (reed beds) for the purification of waste water since 1994.