Communicating waste processing

How do you communicate your circular economy efforts to your guests?

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On the news: Opening Circular dike suites

The circular dike suites of Camping & Villapark de Paardekreek are open!

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FACET Survey

The FACET survey on Circular adoption and motivation is ready for you to complete!

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Update pilot Paardekreek

The pilot demonstrating viability of circular tourism accommodation has been updated!

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Beach pavilions are smart with waste: coffee grounds come back as a croquette

Six beach pavilions in Schouwen-Duiveland are looking into circular ways to reduce and recycle their waste.

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Newsletter February

We published our first newsletter!

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Join us - newsletter

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Bio-Circular Building

The Biobased building research group also joined the FACET project as project partner from 1 January 2021.

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Circular entrepreneurship

Value chain meetings: Last year partners Westtoer and Impuls Zeeland organized several circular value chain meetings.

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Smart bin technology

English partner Norfolk County Council (NCC) and Great Yarmouth Borough Council focused in 2020 on developing good strategic connections with their potential stakeholders and Smart Bins.

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Entrepreneurs Motivations

University of Greenwich is currently researching the motivations & barriers for entrepreneurs who want to start circular practices.

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Development models

One of the goals within the FACET project is to facilitate the development of circular economy communities.

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Circular Building

One of the Dutch partners in the Interreg 2 Seas project FACET is camping and villaparc the Paardekreek. They started with the circular building of dike suites.

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Value chain meeting

Last week NV Economische Impuls Zeeland organised a second expertmeeting for campsites and restaurants which was guided by Twigt-om and ZMf.

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Animation FACET project

The European FACET Interreg 2 seas project supports entrepreneurs in shifting from a linear to a circular economy in the tourism sector.