Finding Out - Rich Picture

Rich picture is one of the most powerful techniques developed and also one used frequently outside the context of SSM. A rich picture visualizes a problematic situation for sharing and discussing its key aspects. In short, a rich picture is essentially a communication tool. There are no rules for drawing a rich picture, but it typically shows stakeholders, concerns/issues, structure and process.

Nog een mooie rich picture toevoegen.

Although rich pictures can be drawn with the help of visualization tools, the pen-and-paper approach is preferred to emphasize its unfinished status, but above all to encourage stakeholders to enrich the rich picture with their ideas and insights. To this end, a facilitator conducting the SSM investigation typically starts with an initial rich picture. The facilitator then explains his understanding of the situation and asks questions – “We think this and that is going on in the situation. Did we get that right?”- to invite stakeholders to comment, correct and improve where deemed necessary.

A rich picture is actively used during the course of a SSM investigation. Actually, it will be redrawn many times because the ongoing investigation results in a better understanding of the problematic situation often requiring a change of focus. It takes time to really understand the nature of a problematic situation.

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