Below you can find the overview of events surrounding the topic of Sustainability and other topics that interests the HZ Green Office.

These events are not limited to our own events but also include events from our partners and others.

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Evenementen (actueel)

2020-10-22 Monitoring litter found in Binnenhaven Vlissingen Citizen Science project - Monitoring Binnenhaven Vlissingen, 22 October, start 10h 't Smoske
2020-10-21 Cleanup Binnenhaven Vlissingen Citizen Science project - Cleanup Binnenhaven Vlissingen, 21 October, start 10h 't Smoske

Evenementen (afgelopen)

2020-10-09 Monitoring Binnenhaven Vlissingen Citizen Science project - Monitoring litter found in Binnenhaven Vlissingen, 9 October, start 10h 't Smoske
2020-10-09 Plant workshop A plant workshop means that we are going to multiply plants by growing from cuttings.

Where? In the PE2 hallway, HZ Vlissingen.

When? 09 Oct 12 pm.
2020-10-09 Green Office Drinks: every Friday HZ Green Office is organising Drinks at the APV garden: every Friday when the weather forecast is good, starting at 15h. Come and join us and hear everyhting about our activities. We usually combine the drink with some workshops and working on our projects. Want to come? You can link this activity to HZ Personality.
2020-10-08 Cleanup Binnenhaven Vlissingen Citizen science project: Cleanup Binnenhaven Vlissingen, 8 October, start 10h 't Smoske
2020-09-19 Cleanup + monitoring plastic debris from beaches and De Binnenhaven Vlissingen The HZ Green Office regularly organises cleanups. Currently, we're cleaning up De Binnenhaven Vlissingen every other week, as part of a research HZ Green Office is doing for the municipality; the info about what type of waste we find and how much feeds into a national benchmark. This information is used to set policies to prevent waste from the source.

Also, on a regular basis we organise beach cleanups or plogging events. On Saturdaymorning 19 September we are organising a cleaning & monitoring on 5 locations during the national cleanup day that is organised all around the Netherlands. Want to join us in 19 Sep? contact Upcoming cleanups & monitoring sessions Binnenhaven: 23 September: cleanup, start 10h 't Smoske 24 September: monitoring, start 10h 't Smoske 7 October: cleanup, start 10h 't Smoske 8 October: monitoring, start 10h 't Smoske 21 October: cleanup, start 10h 't Smoske 22 October: monitoring, start 10h 't Smoske

-> all these activities can be linked to HZ Personality. Interested? just come or contact or
2020-09-17 Uitnodiging VSK Inspiratiesessie Zeeland Zero E Missie 2050 Addvision zoekt studenten als vertegenwoordiging van de jonge generatie. We hebben jullie nodig om kritische vragen te stellen aan de bedrijven die aanwezig zullen zijn op 17 september. De bedrijven gaan samen met elkaar en met jullie brainstormen over hoe ze naar zero emissie gaan in 2050. Het zijn vooral bedrijven in de zware industrie die deelnemen aan de sessie. Voor deze activiteit zijn HZ Personality punten te verdienen.
2020-03-19 Zeeland Zero E Missie 2050 Wat gaan bedrijven in Zeeland doen om in 2050 emissievrij te zijn?

Business as usual gaat niet voldoende zijn...

Elkaar inspireren en nieuwe ideeën bedenkenen verkennen welke routes op lange termijn realistisch zijn en wat daarvoor nodig is. We geven daarom inspirerende leiders en echte vernieuwers een podium om ons scherp te houden en de juiste strategische richtingen te verkennen.Kunnen we antwoord geven op de vraag: wat gaan bedrijven doen om in 2050 emissievrij te zijn?
2020-03-07 Waterlab 7 March 2020: stakeholder meeting plastic and citizen science monitoring in water systems Waterlab 7 March 2020: stakeholder meeting plastic and citizen science monitoring in water systems, location: Rotterdam near CS.
2020-01-23 HZ Green Office Get Together Would you like to be part of the HZ Green Office?

This is your chance to get more information about available positions and projects inside the HZ Green Office.

Come and join us in closing the semester in style and welcoming the new!

When: Thursday, Jan 23rd 4PM De Vriendschap Markt 75,

4331LL Middelburg
2020-01-16 Documentary Day Are you interested in climate change?

Do you think it is already happening around the world? How do you think this affects us, and what the impact might be in the near future?

The HZ Green Office with the support of HZ Cult and Apv Housing has organized a documentary day. This event will be in the APV Campus, Thursday, January the 16th at 19:00. It will consist of the projection of two documentaries:

19:00 Chasing Glaciers (Directed by Mark Gregory)

A world temperature increase of 1.5 °C is already inevitable and a 2 °C increase is very possible considering the path we are on now. As the climate changes, droughts will become more commonplace as major cities like Capetown and Los Angeles are predicted to lose all access to their natural water reserves. Nations such as the Maldives and Bangladesh will completely disappear underneath the ocean’s surface and desertification will destroy much of Northern Africa and the Middle East (and all of this by 2050)! Even though these problems seem existential and preventable, there is one place where the threat of Climate Change is currently manifesting itself: the beautiful country of Perú. Within their borders are 70% of the world´s tropical glaciers and over the last 40 years, they have lost almost half their surface areas. The country of 27 million all depends on these glaciers either directly or indirectly for potable water, irrigation, and hydroelectric energy. With the rise in temperature many if not all these glaciers will completely disappear. As they do, the livelihoods and water resources of the people impacted will vanish as well. There is no saving them, only to adapt to a new way of life or pack up and move.


19:20 Q&A session

19:35 Building bridges (Directed by Carlijn Mulder and Nadine Smiths)

Carlijn Mulder and Nadine Smits participated in the 2017 HZ Honours Programme. They created the documentary "Building Bridges" during their journey, as the honours programme gives space and the opportunity to HZ students to work on their own interesting project. Carlijn and Nadine travelled through five different countries -Thailand, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and Vietnam- and researched how these countries deal with Climate Change related problems. Nadine is now an advisor Water and Climate for the Province of Zeeland. She will introduce the documentary and relate her learnings to her work as a professional. After the documentary there will be a Q&A.


8:05 Q&A session

If you would like to attend, please let us know so we could reserve a place for you! (Limited Capacity)

We invite you all to enjoy these amazing films and have some drinks after!

2019-12-12 Yesc Summit December 12th is the date! On this day, the 12-hour YESC Summit will be held. Let the most creative and impactful ideas of the youngest generation of Zeeland surprise you, exchange thoughts and ideas about the current state of affairs and future of Zeeland’s energy supply and get inspired by our passionate speakers. In addition to the YESC nominees, the Summit is aimed at the regional C-level of business, industry and government and of course significant players in the regional energy transition.

The Yesc summit is only accessible to invitees.

09:00 - 00.00 Oude Stadhuis Markt 1, Middelburg
2019-11-29 Centree VisPluis Collection day If you walk along the coast you have probably seen blue plastic threads scattered on the beaches. This plastic threads are called “Vispluis” and if you pay attention you will see them all over the coastline of Zeeland.

The cultural foundation Centree from Zierikzee wants to raise awareness about the VisPluis problem. Together with the artist Kainoosh Gerami, they will create an art piece from this VisPluis. They want you to join as they organise VisPluis collection events on 10 more different locations along the North Sea coast.

To support this great initiative, we organise an additional collection day in Vlissingen on the 29th November. We will meet in front of Panta Rhei at the Nollestrand at 13:00 o’clock.
2019-11-20 YESC: People, Planet Prozac! Theatercollege YESC: People, Planet Prozac! Theatercollege (Dutch)

Location: Common House Elliot

19:30 - 21:30
2019-11-17 European youth parliament for water We invite all young people active in the water sector to apply to the 15th edition of the European Youth Parliament for Water, to be held from November 17 to 24, 2019 in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
2019-11-16 Play Roetveegpiet during the Arrival of Sinterklaas in Middelburg on Saturday 16 Nov Would you be willing to be a Roetveegpiet on Saturday 16 November?

You'll be joining a group of 20 to 25 roetveegpieten, together with Ingrid de Vries (coordinator HZ Green Office) and friends, giving “pepernoten” to the kids in Middelburg. Really fun to do!

We’ll arrive on boats and come to the shore in the harbour of Middelburg facing thousands of children. We’ll be provided with special clothes to dress up and we'll get some black sweeps that the Pieten have from sliding through the chimney.

Middelburg has wisely decided to also have 50% roetveegpieten this year in addition to 50% zwarte pieten. Next year, Sinterklaas will be helped by 100% roetveegpieten. Join us and be part of the change!

For this activity you can gain credits via HZ Personality.
2019-11-04 Keynote + Q&A by Jan Rotmans Keynote on sustainable development, transition management, climate change, global change modelling, and system innovations by Jan Rotmans Jan Rotmans is a scientivist, a passionate and rebellious scientist engaged in actual practices to speed up transitions and sustainability. Both nationally and internationally he is an authority on transitions, having written over 200 publications in the fields of climate change, global change modeling, sustainable development, transitions and system innovations.

4th of November, 16.30-18.00 HZ Groenewoud, Middelburg

Missed it? Here's the chance to see it:
2019-10-30 YESC: Ethics, Rhetorics and Sustainabilty YESC: Ethics, Rhetorics and Sustainabilty (English)

Location: Common House Elliot

19:30 - 21:30
2019-10-23 YESC Energy bootcamp YESC Energy bootcamp

Location: HZ Groene Woud

09:00 - 18:00
2019-10-18 Scheld Youth Parliament Scheld Youth Parliament
2019-10-12 We are tomorrow klimaatfestival Duurzaamheid in 2050 (Dutch)

Location: Westergas Pazzanistraat 33, 1014 BE Amsterdam, Netherlands

12:00 - 23:00
2019-10-11 Finding roots Leadership program
2019-10-10 Opening HZ Green Office The HZ Green Office is an organisation for students, organised by students. We would like to invite you to:

Opening HZ Green Office Date: 10 October - 12.00 Location: second floor at the end of the PE2-hallway Programme 11.30 - Walk-in 12.00 - Start Opening Ceremony by President of the Executive Board mr. J. Dane 12.15 - Presentation HZ Green Office 12.20 - End of programme, green drinks and Q&A session (until 13.00)

Bring your own mug if you can!

About the HZ Green Office For the past 2 years, the HZ Green Office has organised different events and projects around sustainability in and around the university. The HZ Green Office is run by a core team of students and a coordinator. The HZ GO! focuses on greening the campus and (near) environment by organizing and participating in sustainability projects and activities, preferably in cooperation with other stakeholders. As such, we build and maintain a diverse partnership network of local businesses, government and sponsors. Where possible, synergetic connections are initiated between external partners and HZ research & education. Ideally, the HZ-campus is a living lab and playground where students can design and pilot their own solutions in multidisciplinary teams. Our goal is to build and strengthen our (international) community, connecting with each other around action-based sustainability initiatives that generate a positive impact and inspire others. Finally, the time has come for the opening of our physical office! So join us on Thursday 10 October during the Dutch national day for sustainability. The office is located at the end of the PE2-Hallway. The opening will take place at 12:00. After the official opening, the HZ Green Office will present itself followed by Green drinks and a Q&A session until 13:00. Bring your own mug if you can!

We hope to see you all there.
2019-09-27 Global climate strike in Den Haag Join the CYS interest group to support youth demanding climate action! We'll join them for the global climate strike activities in The Hague.

Let's meet in the ISS lobby with our signs and other marching gear. We'll depart at 1230pm sharp to walk to Koekamp near Centraal station, where we'll join the hundreds of young people participating in the climate strike, starting at 1pm. For more information on those activities, see here:

Those activities are scheduled to last until 330pm, when those of us remaining can walk back to ISS together.
2019-09-20 ZLND2050 A new yearly sustainability festival in Middelburg. Music & food trucks joined by interesting seminars and workshops surrounding sustainable topics.
2019-09-11 YESC seminar YESC seminar