Study credits

Invest in your education and make a green contribution at the same time!

Earn study credits.

You can link your activities for the HZ Green Office with your study program in several ways:

  • via HZ Personality by joining GO activities
  • an assignment for a certain course
  • a minor course
  • an internship
  • implementing your own idea

Clean-ups and monitoring sessions are taking place on a weekly basis and we give you the opportunity to earn HZ Credits while connecting with students from other study programs, participating in an outdoor activity, and making a step towards a clean and circular economy. You don’t need to bring anything to participate, but dress up warm enough! Earn double hours only for clean-ups with monitoring. So far, this will only include the harbor clean-ups. To always be up to date about the weekly clean-ups, visit the HZ Green Office Instagram


Interested? Just let us know upfront via Instagram or by sending an email to or You can also sign up in the Excel sheets shared via Insta

Non-student volunteers are welcome to join our efforts because the initiative is based on volunteers! You can borrow a "prikker" from us or other materials, just contact us or your local municipality.

You can also just do your own cleanup. Good locations where lots of waste can be found are around the canal between Middelburg and Vlissingen, De Buitenhaven in Vlissingen, around HZ Middelburg in the park, and around Supermarkets. Or just select a location in your neighborhood you like to make clean and look nice!

If you link this to HZ Personality, make some pictures as proof of your activity. But before that, do not forget to talk with your study coach and have the PDP approved. For having the hours signed, contact Carmel Michaeli at

Below you can find attached the hours template for tracking the spent hours for HZ Green Office activities. Bestand:HZ Personality HOURS SHEET.pdf

For more details, email us at or visit us at the PE-2 hallway in Vlissingen.