24 educational blueprints for circular constructions

The educational blueprints are suitable for both bachelor's and master's curricula. Students will learn about today's sustainable construction industry based on insights, methods and authentic examples gained during the three-year CBCI project promoted by EU Interreg 2 Seas.

The teacher can choose from 24 teaching modules, each with clearly described subjects, learning outcomes and educational approach.

Every blueprint offers a ready-selected package of literature and educational materials that perfectly match the objectives and assignments. Together they demonstrate how to design a building project with sustainable goals in mind and offer various methods and tools to compare and contrast alternative building solutions. Nevertheless, each module can be studied independently from the others.

Through shortened URLs and QR-codes that are provided with each blueprint, teachers and students have unlimited access to permanently updated online materials at no cost.

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Frank Peeters

Frank Peeters

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Datum: 22/09/2022
In samenwerking met: Avans University of Applied Sciences, KU Leuven
Onderwijs: Als onderdeel van dit CBCI-project hebben de auteurs dit boek de belangrijkste bevindingen gebundeld in een studieboek dat docenten en studenten een leidraad biedt om zich te ontplooien tot de bouwmeesters van de toekomst.
Auteur(s): Frank Peeters, Lidwien Jacobs, Cihan Kayaçetin, Lode Lefevere, Stijn Verdoodt, Alexis Versele, Monique Voet